IAIR English Class

IAIR English Class


英語大好きOTのKohei Yoshidaです。

I’m an Occupational therapist and like to talk with people all over the world.


At the beginning,


let me introduce myself.
I was in Canada from 2013 to 2014.

I wanted to know Occupational Therapy in Canada.



During I was in Canada,


I felt difficult to talking in English.


Go to parties…


Try to talk to host family in my house…


Watch TV show…


Read novels…


I tried to master English every day, every time.

But, I gave up all things.

All of my friends felt to speak in English.



Because I’m not so good to share my topics with some people for the first time.




If you need to talk about table manners in Japan,

Can you do that?


I couldn’t.



Because I don’t know myself well!


In order to understand people easily,


we had better to explain yourself in simple ways.


We can easily understand each other

because we are same Occupational Therapists.


You can understand him/her

and he/she also can understand you.



Feel free to chat!



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